Friday, January 26, 2007

Be Like Tsubomi?

The boys love to eat with chopsticks (Actually, they like us to feed them with chopsticks).

Luke wanted to eat with chopsticks like his cousin Tsubomi.

Owen can actually feed himself with chopsticks, but he often prefers to have mom or dad feed him.

Be like Uncle Bill? Later Owen does his best imitation of his uncle Bill (in the library).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Frosty the Snowman

So it finally snowed here this weekend. Don't groan as we say finally, but the boys have been waiting to play in the snow. We all had a blast.

The first thing we tried to do (after shoveling the driveway, it's great to be a home owner) was to build a snowman. But the snow was just too fluffy, so the healthy boys sat down and ate the carrots-noses.

Fortunately, the snow was perfect for sledding. And while we might not like our front hill come grass-cutting time, it certainly made for a fun sled ride. Here's Luke and Mommy getting ready to barrel down the hill.

And Luke and Daddy (Owen was there too, but he went inside for some cocoa just as the camera came out).

The next day was perfect for building frosty. Here are the boys working on him with their friend, Katie, and her mom.

Here they proudly pose in front of the finished product, minutes before stealing his nose to eat it!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rocket ships and pizza

It's not all fun and games here, but you'd never know it.

The boys had a blast when their friend Abby visited this weekend. Here, Abby helps Luke find his inner Picasso.

While Jennie and Owen hammer-out a few details.

They retire to the basement for a picnic in their rocket ships. Who needs toys, eh?

Taking a page from Daddy's book, the boys thought they'd try their hand at making supper. Pizza-man Owen dabbling in Italian cuisine.

"Luigi" Luke having a blast creating his mini-pie.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy 2007

We're back. We know it has been a while since our last post. The boys had a blast visiting with their relatives in NY and Pa. And they were thrilled to see that Santa had visited when we got home. Christmas is so magical when seen through the eyes of 2 two-year olds...

The boys almost went into orbit the day they got a free ride on Santa's sleigh. They loved the reindeer.

At two, they already understood the question "what do you want for Christmas." They both promptly told Santa they wanted hockey sticks. (Santa must have been up late making toys the night before, as he appears to be sleeping through the boys' visit.)

They loved everything about the holiday season. From all the fun with family to the huge parties and all that food. They were delighted to help Aunt Mar make cookies. "One M-n-M for the cookies, three for me" get the idea.

All that partying certainly wore them out, or so it would appear. But the devil is in the details. Here is where we found them one afternoon at Grandma's when it seemed a little quiet...In bed, sharing a stolen candy bar.

Look at these big boys sporting their awesome new LPFD hoodies. They haven't wanted to wear anything else since they got these firefighter sweat shirts from Di-Di.

So after a few weeks of fun, they finally returned home to find that Santa did, indeed, drop off a few things while they were away, including a rocking horse.

And a single-seat police-car (which the boys converted into a double-seater. Share and share, alike).

And I guess Santa was listening afterall. Here's Owen cheering after a GOOOOOOOOOAL.

And Luke, who's favorite quote over the last few weeks has been "not in my goal" swiftly claimed the goalie stick.