Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Here we are getting ready to dig into our bounty. (This pic was taken by grandma and it is the best one we have. Sorry Amy!)

The boys had a blast toasting each other. They toasted each other all weekend long. I wonder where they get it from?

There was also plenty of time for relaxing and watching football. While not much of a snuggler, Rory does occasionally like to chill with her dad.

Owen loves posing with his little sis.

Overthrow complete? What is Rory doing in dad's chair?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jr. RedHawks

Luke & Owen have begun playing hockey with the Jr. RedHawks hockey program.

Their friend Makenna plays with them as well.

They are still getting used to skating with all that hockey equipment on.

Luke really loves it!

They also practice falling, aka doing the "Superman". Here Owen (#10) is getting ready to take a dive.

Here's Luke (#3) going through some more skating drills.

Owen taking a knee and listening coach Dan.

Luke working on his passing.

Though she can't yet play, Rory does her best rooting for the boys.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom (& Grandpa)

The kids were really psyched to wish their mom a happy 40th birthday. Well, maybe Rory wasn't quite as psyched as the boys, "How can my mommy be 40?!).

Unfortunately, I was out of town last week, so grandma stepped in to bake Amy some birthday (low sugar?) confections. Here's the gang helping mom blow out the candles on her birthday cupcakes.

Grandpa's birthday was a few days before Amy's, so the boys helped him blow out the candles on his birthday pie!

Rory has been getting a bit tired of sitting in her highchair, so today she demanded that she sit in the "big girl" chair while she ate a slice of pizza.

Then she climbed up on the boys' tent (aka the coffee table) to watch the Miami football game with dad and her brothers.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Sorry for the long delay, but October was filled with sick kids and sicker parents. Not much energy for taking or posting pics. Now everyone is back on their feet and just in time for Halloween!

Here are the boys with the great crayon costumes Amy made. She never ceases to amaze. All that time watching Project Runway is paying off!

Our favorite little box of crayons. The kids looked awesome! Special thanks to our friend Beth for making the cool crayon box.

Here they are in their wagon, getting ready to trick-or-treat. Well, the wagon was really for Rory, but the boys could not resist jumping in for a quick spin.

The neighborhood kids got together for a pre-trick-or-treat Halloween party and then it was off to get some candy!

Firefighter Cooper joined the festivities after he came back from putting out a fire.

It has become an annual tradition for the boys to pose for a post-trick-or-treating pic with their buddy David.

Luke & Owen were not happy that they did not get to carve pumpkins with Tommy & Cari.

Amy & I had a hard time figuring out costumes for the 80's themed Halloween party we attended on Saturday night. I wanted to go as Richard Simmons, but we settled on Amy's favorite video game (Amy has a favorite video game? Yep, hard to believe), Ms. Pacman. I went as Blinky. Amy did another great job putting our costumes together.