Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Boys Hanging with the Future Prez?

The boys' Aunt Winnie made the trip to Oxford this past weekend and a good time was had by all.

While having lunch at the Museum Center, the boys happened to run into Barack Obama. He asked the boys to give him five and they obliged.

No trip to Oxford is complete without a trip to see the Miami RedHawks play hockey. Here Aunt Winnie is posing with Swoop (our mascot) and the boys. Fortunately, Aunt Winnie did not jinx the RedHawks and they won 8-1.

It was "Skate with the Redawks" night, but as you can see by this pic, Owen was a bit too whooped to lace on the skates.

Luke really enjoyed explaining the ins and outs of hockey to his Aunt Winnie. Now Aunt Winnie knows more than she ever wanted to about roughing.

Luke performed some of his favorite tunes for Aunt Winnie.

The boys also performed a rockin' duet.

More pictures to follow soon...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter in Oxford

The weather has been a bit cold and snowy lately, so the boys have been spending more time indoors.

The boys love to play with the puppets they
got for Christmas from Nana & PapPap.
Here is Owen putting on a puppet show for
dad. "Little Pig, Little Pig, Let me in!"

Not to be outdone, Luke did a little rendition
of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The boys (especially Owen) love to build with Legos.

Luke recently went to a hockey game with his dad.

Unfortunately, Miami got beat, but Luke
did not care. He had a great time watching
the players check each other (& listening
to the hockey band).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hockey Night in Erie

Over the Christmas break, the boys had a great time cheering on their cousin Jamie (aka Bubba).

Bubba was a bit disappointed to have
to play defense that day, but his play
would have made Brian Leetch proud.

Here the boys pose with their cousin after
the game. Their other cousins Gracie and
Ashley are in the background.

On the way out of the arena, Luke got 2
minutes in the penalty box for tripping.

Recently we went to a dinner sponsored by
the Miami University hockey team. The
players cooked the food (great pizza, wings,
& stir-fry, to name a few things) as well as
mingled with their fans. Here Kevin Roeder
#24 poses with Owen (Luke was a little shy).
Amy was impressed with how polite and
friendly all the players were.

Here's Miami's captain, Ryan Jones #26.
Leading up to this dinner, all Luke would
talk about is meeting his favorite players
Ryan (& Jarod Palmer), but then he cried
hysterically when he first met Ryan. Ryan
was a real sport and tried to reassure Luke,
but Luke was very hesitant. About an hour
later, Luke finally agreed to have his picture
taken with Ryan, as long as dad went with
him. Owen loved just hanging out with the players.

Here are the boys with Gary Steffes #12,
Alex LaCombe #10 and Jarod Palmer #19
(another of Luke's favorites)...

and Erie's own (& dad's favorite), Justin Mercier #16.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl 2008

The boys had a great time cheering on the Giants, with their brand new NY Giants pennants & home made footballs that were made by our friends Tom & Angie. We think this was the NY Giants' secret weapon that helped put an end to the Patriots undefeated season.

Here Luke is waving his banner while our friend Rick looks on. Rick is a Green Bay Packers fan (if you look close, you can see he is holding a Packer football), but he (& just about everyone else at our house, sans Aaron) was rooting for the Giants. Sorry Aaron.

More Pics (& possibly some video?) coming soon...