Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oxford Pig Roast 2008

The boys got to hang with Miami's mascot, Swoop.

Here's Owen modeling a RedHawk football helmet.

Luke also wanted to strap on the helmet...

but he was just as interested in the pulled pork sandwiches!

The boys' best buddy Kullen gave them pointers on how to shoot a slapshot.

We had to practically drag Luke away from the hockey goal.

The brothers had a great time meeting all the Miami athletes and eating all that great BBQ.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some More Pics from Erie...

But first, here's a pic of Rory in all her glory. We just took this pic after she blew through 2 diapers and a bath towel, in less than 15 minutes!

We took the boys to an amusement park for the first time. They loved Waldameer Park.

They were not fazed by the Frog Hopper...

and they absolutely loved shooting people while riding the rocket ship.

Much to my surprise, the boys even tackled the kiddie coaster. Luke remarked that is was probably a little too fast for him.

We also got a chance to sample some great chili during the annual Volunteer Fire Department Chili Cook-Off. Of course, the boys could not resist ANOTHER tour of a fire truck.

Here is Luke, Owen & lil' sis Rory posing for a pic with Aunt Di Di, cousin Joey and soon to be cousin-in-law Rachel.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Good Day at the Ballgame...

Here are some older pics we did not get a chance to post earlier.

It was the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association's Day @ the Cincinnati Reds game (that's a mouth full) and the Reds just happened to be playing the NY Mets. Dad had a great time with the boys, his nieces, his big bro and sis-in-law.

Uncle Bill, Aunt Rika and Cousins Tsubomi and Moe shared in the festivities.

Everyone was pretty happy because the Mets were winning.

The kids even got to take a picture with a (young) Old Timer.

Even with a yet to be diagnosed broken arm, cousin Tsubomi never lost her sense of humor!

All the gang was in better spirits after Tsubomi's trip to the ER to get her arm put in a cast. Ice cream always helps!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Boys' 4th Birthday Party

The boys had another great birthday party while in Erie.

The boys each took a turn blowing out the candle on their birthday cake. For some reason, Gramma did not take her turn?

They boys had a blast opening their many, many gifts with their cousin Ash providing a helping hand.

The boys got a ton of gifts including new helmets and roller blades.

Of course, no "Picnic in the Country" is complete without the end of the day bath with their buddy Ashton.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rory's First Trip to Erie...

Rory made her first road trip recently to Erie to visit family and to get baptized.

Here's Rory with Gramma , oops, Aunt Jean.

This is an update of an earlier post - Oldest Meets Youngest, Sept. 6, 2004. This is Rory (2 weeks old) with her oldest cousin Shane (34 1/2 years old).

Rory was a complete angel during her baptism.

Rory's Godparents'' Aunt Winnie and Cousin Tommy came to town for the blessed event, as did their Nanna & PapPap.

Of course, no baptism is complete without a cake!

Aunt Winnie had a great time hangin' with her newest niece.

Here's Rory with Nana & PapPap.