Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sam's Golf Academy

The boys have been asking to play golf all summer and our neighbor Sam just happens to play golf.

Sam gave Luke pointers on how to swing a club.

Owen really got into whacking the ball.

Luke was very deliberate while practicing his short game.

Owen spent some time working on his putting.

Sam even spent some time talking strategy with the boys.

Some more pics of Rory...

Here's Rory in a pretty pink outfit.

Here's another pic of Rory in her crib. Lately, it seems the crib is used a lot for photo ops.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting Settled...

After 4 days in the hospital, we were all ready to make the trip home to Oxford.

Daddy and his little girl spent a lot of time on the 'ol rocking chair at the University Hospital.

Amy's sister, Mary Pat was the first to see the baby. She and the kids trekked all the way from Pittsburgh to see Rory-thanks Mar! Here's the whole gang - Mar's grandson, Cody holding the boys, and a few of her girls, Karrie, Katelynn and Becca, and Mar holding Rory.

The boys had a blast horsing-around with their cousin Cody.

Grandma just loves giving Rory sponge baths.

Here's our little princess laying on her throne.

Friday, July 25, 2008

More Pics of Rory & the Boys

The boys, grandma and grandpa paid mommy & Rory another visit this afternoon and a good time was had by all.

The boys have been on a photography kick lately (thank goodness for digital cameras ... we don't have to buy film!). Here's Owen's pic of Luke with Rory. He actually got this pic on the first take.

Luke also enjoys taking pics of his siblings.

Here's a picture of grandma with Rory. Many thanks to grandma & grandpa for all their help with the boys.

The boys were really excited to spend some time with mom.

In order to give mom, grandma & grandpa some quiet time, dad took the boys on a little field trip to the Cincinnati Fire Museum.

The museum had a bunch of fire trucks...

and even a fire pole for the boys to slide down. Here's Luke giving it a go. He slid down so fast, this picture is a blur.

Of course, Owen had to slide down it several times.

Here's a pic of Rory sporting a Miami hat. As you can tell, she has on her game face! She's already prepared for hockey season, which begins in October. Go RedHawks!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rory Siobhan West Poley...

It's official, baby C now has a name...Rory Siobhan (pronounced sha-VAHN). As you can see here, the boys have given it their stamp of approval.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Girl...

After 39 weeks, our little girl has arrived. While we don't have a name just yet, we do have plenty of pics...

Here she is being weighed right after birth.

The staff even took a second to take a picture of mom, dad and our little one.

Here she's stylin' with her crocheted hat.

She has spent most of her first 12+ hours sleeping.

Luke was absolutely ecstatic to meet his new little sister.

Owen could not get enough of his baby sis.

Grandma & Grandpa have been a great big help. Here grandpa is rocking his newest granddaughter.

He's our superhero doc, Dr. Evans. His guidance, & expertise (& great sense of humor), enabled us to have a happy and healthy baby.

Last, but not least, mommy & baby enjoying some quiet time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Summer Fun

We recently headed over to Columbus to visit with Tommy and Cari in their new gorgeous house.

Here are the hosts cooking up a delicious supper in their new kitchen.

Soon-to-be cousin Cari giving the boys a bath. She now can't wait to have twins!

And the boys with the favorite big cousin Tommy.

During these super hot days, the boys and their friends decided to take up the in-door sport of bowling.

Check out Luke's form. He would have made PapPap proud!

Not to be outdone, Owen lobbed the ball from behind the line for a total of 73 impressive points! He can't wait to take on PapPap!

Luke had some interesting techniques for controlling the spin on the ball.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy 4th of July (2008)

A great time was had by all this past 4th of July weekend.

Here's Owen sliding down the Shark slide...

and if you look closely, you can see Luke tumbling down the slide. It looked a lot worse than it actually was.

The boys got to shoot some hoops at the Penny Festival.

Owen loved it.

Then the boys went head-to-head at a game of cornhole.

Here the boys are modeling their flag tattoos they got before the big fireworks display.

Not to be outdone, here's Amy auditioning for a future Whitesnake video.

The boys also got up early the next day to watch dad run a race. They really went for the free Gatorade. They kept asking us for the Gatorade recipe, but we told them they'll have to ask their cousin Joey.

After the race, the boys got to visit with the Liberty (IN) Volunteer Fire Department. Aunt Di-Di would have been proud of the boys knowledge of the inter-workings of a firetruck.

After a very busy weekend, mommy (& baby C) needed to really relax!