Thursday, May 17, 2007

Season Finale

All good things must come to an end.

The fellas sure are going to miss Tommy. We didn't have the heart to break the news to them.

They didn't even wonder why we gave him a present. But they did volunteer to sing "Happy Birthday" to him :)

And we're pretty sure that they'll notice that big empty room.

We've all had a great time living with Tommy. He fixes stuff, kills things, moves things, folds laundry, changes diapers, cuts grass, gives great drug advice, lets you use his car, plays with nicely with everybody, builds awesome toys (as you can see), and never once utters a complaint...

Not even when he eats sushi :)

We sure are going to miss ya, Tommy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where oh where have we been?

Busy I guess. No good excuse, just busy. But at last here are some new pics.

We had our first ear of corn recently. And nothing like team-work, eh? In the process of helping mommy shuck, they helped themselves to an ear.

They loved it :)

They also loved helping daddy celebrate his birthday, 36 finally. He's almost catching up to mommy.

Of course, no poley b-day would be complete without ice cream cake.

Luke and mom enjoyed swimming in their favorite pool.

While Owen preferred to hang with his buddy, Katie.

And later they both enjoyed sharing some ice cream with Katie. Boys after grandma's heart :)