Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wow what a process

So we are in the process of moving, and like the saying goes "it takes a village." A big thanks to all those in Erie who packed our truckload from "Waterford" storage"--Di, Tom, Brad, Kak, Sue and Ryan. We owe you at least a dinner. And thanks to Mom and Dad for driving the truck here and helping us to settle in. Everyone knows what a huge help the dynamic duo are. And thanks to our friend, Rick, for not only helping us unload the truck, but for not complaining about filling it up a second time and again unloading it - what a guy. Anyway, just some misc pics from the past month that we haven't had time to post.

The boys chillin with their "southern" cuz Mindy and Ron. A special note to Heidi, check out Mindy's special shirt---"daddy's girl."

The boys enjoying a communal bath at the Waterford estate. All four (Joey, Ashton, Luke and Owen) were drenched by the end.

Owen thought if we were gonna "move on up to the Eastside", we should drive up in style. Viper courtesy of Top Gun Motors.

As the house neared completion, the boys had to investigate all the nooks and crannies. Owen inspecting the insides of the cupboard.

Luke checking the dishwasher. Note the tangerine orange kitchen Sean just LOVES.

Here Gram and Gramp spruce up a new housewarming gift.....for Janie :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Say It Ain't So...

The boys went to their first baseball game today.

Are the boys really Cincinnati Reds fans? Daddy thought they were NY Mets fans. Their Uncle Bill better hurry up and send them some NY Mets gear...and fast!

Owen's favorite part seemed to be the hot dogs.

Luke helped the umpire by cleaning home plate.

Daddy & the boys in front of the Great American Ballpark.

OX is thinking about foregoing Miami University and attending his namesake university...Xavier

The boys were busy earlier in the day. They helped their new neighbors move in. They had a blast and they want to know if PapPap can put in a good word for them and get them a job at ABF. They want to drive the big trucks!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

The boys couldn't wait to "tool" around the new house and see what had been accomplished since they left. Luke must have missed Gram and Gramp in this shot.

They also dropped in to see Eleanor, who promptly invited them to stay for tea. Aren't they dainty?

And here are a couple more pics from our trip to Erie - Owen sporting his special berry-pickin' hat.

Luke hangin' with his buddy Nate.