Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Steelers Going to the Superbowl...

Just like the Steelers, our boys are getting ready for the Super Bowl.

Luke & Owen have had a great time watching the Steelers win their way to the Super Bowl. After each game, the boys would throw around the pigskin, while Luke shouts..."TOUCHDOWN!"

Friday, January 20, 2006

Villa Girls Gone Wild

Like a scene straight from a Catholic after school special showing that "relations" lead to responsibilities, here are the 7 best responsibilities that any 3 Villa girls ever produced! With Owen and Luke are Lynn Marie & Max (Scarpino) and Fiona, Rory and Caiolin (McGuinness). Way to go girls!

During their 3 week hiatus, the boys attended numerous Christmas parties. Here they are hanging with cousin, Karrie, and 2 more favorite Aunts, Kakky and Mar.

A close-up view of the boys'new matching cowboy suits.

While there wasn't much down time. Gramma made sure the boys were always fully entertained. Case in point, Luke and Gram chillin' in his new Christmas tent.

Christmas again!

In the mad rush of the holiday season, we got a little behind on posting pics. So...

The boys loved meeting the big guy from the North Pole (conveniently stationed at the Millcreek Mall). Now every guy with a white beard is Santa!

Christmas foto of the West Poleys and Poley :)

Luke and his Godmother Di Di. She's a real rock star around here. Whenever the boys hear a siren or see a big set of keys they say "Di Di"!

The boys made the rounds this Christmas from PA to upstate NY. Here they kick back with their Nana and Pap Pap.

And mess around with their cousins, Chris, Tommy, and Amanda. (Be sure to check back in a few days for more holiday pics.)

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Boys' First Trip to the Fire Hall...

The boys stopped by the Lawrence Park Fire Hall to visit Aunt DiDi.

Here's Luke trying on Aunt DiDi's fire coat.

Aunt Di was kind enough to let Owen take the ladder truck out for spin. After a few minutes, Ox got real good at making right turns!

Owen was really beat after he drove his first fire truck. He just needed a little rest before he took the ambulance for a spin.

Luke had no trouble fitting into Aunt Di's fire boots.

And afterwards, there was pudding for everyone!