Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy New Year!

Saturday began another new year, Chinese New Year that is. The boys were fortunate to be on hand for a mini new year parade at last week's playgroup.

They were totally enthralled by the dragon.

Then they took a little vacation, venturing off to Columbus to watch their cousin Karrie play in a volleyball tournament. As usual, they had a blast.

An action shot of Karrie setting up her vicious serve.

And look at that spike. Way to go Karrie.

Here's little Spielberg catching it all on film, with the help of Aunt Mar, while coach Owen shouts from the sidelines.

Due to bad weather, we ended up crashing in Aunt Mar's hotel room. Here are the travelers enjoying their first continental breakfast.

And despite the fact that the hotel had great fluffy pillows, Aunt Mar slept on her down(trodden) pillow. Guess which one is hers :) We don't want to poke too much fun at Aunt Mar, she displayed her usual vigor for entertaining little ones for 10+ hours and her usual patience in the face of two not so very good hotel sleepers. We won't mention any names.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The lazy days of winter

It's been cold, and we've been stuck in-doors trying to make the best of it.

The boys have been busy "fixing" things around the house.

And playing doctor...

Thump, thump, sounds good.

They've had tee-time. Sorry, Tommy, I think they may have lost one of your golf balls :) It's tough living with two 2 year-olds.

They've built some in-door snowmen thanks to our friend Angie who cut out all the snowmen parts.

And playing dress-up, or in Luke's case, dress-down. He prefers to look masculine in his heels.

And here is how Owen (& Tommy) enjoyed the recent Superbowl.

While Luke preferred to catch a few z-z-z-z's with our friend Stacy during the game. He must take after Mommy.