Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Rory!

We just celebrated Rory's 2nd birthday last week. She had no problem opening her presents.

As has become tradition, Amy made a great ice cream cake. Rory was practicing blowing out imaginary candles all week...

and she did a very good job when the moment arrived. It only took her two attempts -- and she did to not spit on her cake!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Street Hockey in the Rain!

The boys recently wanted to play some street hockey. It just so happened to be raining, but that did not stop them. No jerseys were needed, just raincoats.


Owen has a pretty good wrist shot, but Luke denies him the goal.

Owen keep hustling and eventually he gets a breakaway!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July 2010

We all had a great time celebrating the 4th of July. As usual, we went to the annual penny carnival and parade. Here the boys pose with their favorite mascot Swoop, and Swoop's buddies Mr. Redlegs and Gapper.

Owen introduced his friends Jada and Joelle to Swoop.

They boys ran into one of their buddies Matt - one of their favorite camp counselors.

All the kids got a kick going down the big slide.

There were plenty of games to play...

and even Rory won her share of penny candy.

The trip to the carnival was not complete, until everyone rode the Freedom Express.

Then it was off to see the fireworks. The boys chilled for a while on top of our car.

Rory and I spent some quality time together, waiting for the great fireworks spectacular.

Owen has been practicing his photo taking skills. He did a nice job taking this pic.

Rory had a good old time, especially after she ate her way through a bag of Cheese Doodles.