Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mother's Day / Father's Day 2010

O.K., so we are a bit late with this posting...

Luke, Owen & Rory surprised their mother with breakfast in bed and some homemade arts and crafts.

Amy & the kids made sure I had a memorable Father's Day. The gang even authored a book for the occasion!

This spring, the boys finished up their first "season" of playing hockey. Can you tell Luke really loves being on the ice?

Here's Owen lining up for a slapshot!

Next fall they begin playing in the house league. They can't wait!

The Jr. RedHawks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Edisto Beach, SC - 2010

We recently went camping down at the beach on Edisto Island, SC. "Big" Luke spent plenty of time collecting sea shells and playing in the sand.

Owen just loved climbing all the trees.

Rory and I splashed around in the warm water.

"Little" Luke getting ready to hit the water.

Here is me, the boys and their friend Katie catching some waves.

Rory spent some time sun bathing.

Here's the gang posing for a pic near our campsite. I just love Rory's pose. It looks like Owen is not happy about something.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

School's Out for Summer...

The boys have survived their first year of school. It seems like the boys just started kindergarten yesterday.

It's now off to first grade!

The boys also just finished their second season of soccer. Luke really improved this year and he scored his very first goal!

Twice this season, Owen volunteered to play on the other team to help even things out a bit -- what sportsmanship! This pic was shot during a game when he got to play "skins". He thought it was a blast.

The boys really played well together.

Here's their team pic. Their team was very good again this year. I think it helped to have a couple, big, six year olds on the team.

All season long, Rory was the boys' biggest fan!