Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ice Skating School...

The boys were really stoked to begin taking ice skating lessons, or as they would say...when are we going to ice skating school?

The boys proudly donned their NY Rangers sweaters for their first lesson. Thanks Aunt Maggie!

They were a bit nervous before they stepped out on the ice.

This was Luke with his teacher Lindsey. He had a little meltdown when he realized his mom & dad were not going to be skating with them. He recovered pretty quickly when he saw mom & dad up on the bleachers, cheering him & Owen on.

Here's Luke skating around the ice with the assistance of a few buckets.

He soon became pretty adept at falling & getting back up.

Eventually, he was able to stand and skate a bit on his own.

Owen took to the ice pretty quickly and he was off and zooming around the ice like a speed skater...

...until he got tired and bonked. He told his teacher he was going to take a nap on his bucket. Needless to say, he took a nap before his next lesson.

Owen loved the last 15 minutes of his lessons, when they brought out the broom ball stix. By his last lesson, Owen was also able to skate a bit on his own. Here is is standing in for his first faceoff.

After each lesson, the boys would hop up on the bench to catch up with each other.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Off to Erie We Go...

We had a nice quick weekend visit to Erie recently. As usual, the boys had a blast.

Owen was intent on helping Grandpa cuts the country grass.

Of course, Luke had to have a turn "helping" too.

No one has a better time at the country than Gramma, eh?

As usual, the boys had a great time at the cottage, playing with the boys-here they are with Hunter.

And the girls :) Sammy and Aubrey are all smiles.

Even their "big cousin" Katy got in on the fun.

And so did Aunt Jean. I think Owen is wondering, "is that grandma?"