Sunday, May 01, 2011

Looking Back...Starting With Our Most Recent Easter

Well, we've had quite a year and our posts have been intermittent at best. So here's our fist attempt to catch up. Easter was very meaningful this year. A symbol of rebirth for us all.

The kids started off their Easter weekend with a fun egg hunt at the park.

Here's the crew post-bath, doing some pre-Easter coloring of the eggs.

First lucky kid to find her basket in her shopping cart on Easter morning. She didn't waste any time diving in.

Second kid to find his basket. It took him a while to find his in the dryer, that tricky bunny.

Finally, the third kid finds his basket in his hockey bag. Boy, that bunny knows how to hide 'em.

All three with their post-find spoils.

Our cute crew after church.

The luckiest mom in the world (with lovely tulip antennae :)

The whole happy family at the homestead :)


Anonymous said...

What a Surprise to see updates... so glad to see them. Everyone looks great! Beautiful family Amy and Sean. What an Easter blessing to have all the children healthy and happy. May God continue to shine on you all and your hard work be rewarded. Here's to Owen and the rest of your gang and REBIRTH!!! Enjoy :) Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

Loved the Easter pictures...The kids look so cute..Of course Miss Rory had to have her hair in curlers...reminds me of back in the day.....And Amy and the kids should not only say lucky mommy but beautiful as well...Course the whole family looks adorable...Love you all, Gram and Gramp