Sunday, October 16, 2011

Me & the Family in Orlando

Hi, this is Owen. With the help of Darth Vader, Luke and I have taken over this website. We have decided to go to the dark side. Just kidding. We will be posting here sometimes. My first post is going to be about my trip to Orlando.

Me and Luke got captured by Darth Vader, but we escaped!

This is me and Luke meeting Buzz Lightyear. It was really cool!

This is me, Luke and Rory meeting Stitch. He is Awesome!

This is me, Luke, and Rory having a pillow fight with Mayor Clayton. He is in charge of Give Kids the World.

This is my star that I made. It is hanging in the castle at Give Kids the World. This star is gonna be there forever. I can't wait to visit and see my star again!

This is me and Luke having ice cream for breakfast. It was very yummy! We did it almost every day!

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Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job with your post too Owen. I feel like I was right there in Orlando with you guys.

Cuz (Nancy)