Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Awesome Trip!

Hi, Luke here. It is my turn to post some pictures. These are some of our pictures of our trip to Orlando. It was really fun!

It's Phineas and Ferb! And me, Owen & Rory! Hey, where's Perry?

Chip and Dale. Owen knocked down Chip because he was so excited to see him.

I always thought Spiderman was pretend, but he wasn't.

We told Captain America that we liked the Hulk and Captain America said, "Really? He has anger issues!"

I'm picking out my wand at Diagon Alley in Harry Potter World.

This was after we had a pillow fight with Mayor Clayton. It was sooooo great! I love being in pillow fights!


Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job with your first post Luke. I enjoyed seeing your trip to Orlando. You guys had an awesome time.

Cuz (Nancy)

Winnie said...

Such nice pictures! I am so glad you had a blast!

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